How and Why to Vote…….

ImageMany of you reading this blog are watching the debate tonight between our current president (Obama) and Mitt Romney (possible future President).

I am writing this blog because I want to give you a fresh perspective on the Election.  FRESH.  This is not a campaign ad and I am not even putting whom I am voting for on this blog.  Not necessary at this time.

Here’s some ideas on HOW to vote:

  • Research the candidates.  Find out what policies they have passed and where they are headed in the future.
  • Chat with a few people you trust.  By people you trust, I am not referring to popular talk radio hosts. 
  • Take a look at your own beliefs, dreams, and values.  Do your morals line up with a particular candidate?  Are there certain dreams that you have that may happen (or be hindered) if a particular President takes office?
  • Pray.  It sounds simple enough but hear me out.  We live in a very tough economy.  People are desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures.  People are desperate and they will make dumb decisions.  Make a smart decision and pray.

Ideas on WHY to vote:

  • It is your duty.  As an American citizen you need to vote.  If you do not vote, then you really do not have a say in the direction of our country.  I know some will say “but I pay taxes”.  While this is true, voting is ESSENTIAL because the President has a say in where your hard earned money goes!
  • You are blessed.  In some countries, they are ruled by dictators.  They would love to be able to pick their ruler.  Exercise your right to who runs our country.

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