THANKSgiving is a Heart Issue

Thanksgiving is today and everyone is getting gearing up for the annual smorgasbord. Food will be consumed. Football will be on the TV. And holiday shoppers will begin their war room strategies for Black Friday.

I encourage you today to think about your blessings. All of them…..are from God. Here’s some ideas to help you cultivate a thankful heart–even beyond today’s holiday.

– Start a gratitude journal. Write down people and experiences that you are thankful for.

– Donate some of your unused stuff. This spiritual practice opens up your heart to joy (from giving) and to healing (trusting God).

– Be thankful for WHO is currently in your life. It’s easy to want to relive the “what ifs”. Focus on the rich relationships you have in the present.

– Put your money where your mouth is. How so? Tell the people that you love that you love them.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, friends!



No one likes the idea of change. Quite frankly, we so desire it in our lives and then when we finally get to that decision/moment/transition of change—we freeze. There is something inside of us that fails to move forward. We shrink back and chalk up the awkward moment to something we ate that particular day.

Change is difficult for humanity but it is necessary. If we never would have changed as humans, we would still be walking around in fig leaf clothing and killing everything with our bare hands. Our favorite outfit and Chick-Fil-A would be something we never imagined. And coffee? Well, we probably would not drink coffee but would pray fervently as we are drinking contaminated water from the streams and rivers around us. You have no car, smartphone, WiFi, and your house is made of mud, sticks, and straw. And when they say “crap rolls downhill”; it literally does in your village. I guess not all change is bad, huh?

We have changed over the years and much of it is necessary. Some change is not necessary. As you are reading this blog, something electronic in your house is beeping and reminding you that you are needed. We are going all over the house and doing this and that. And that is just at home! Work is often a rat race for most people. Get as much done as you can at work and be a pack mule. We were not created to be robots.

We were made in the image of God. We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Everyone faces changes in their life. Here are some tips with dealing with change:

  • Check yourself. Are you resistant to change “just because this is how its always been” or because it will require something deeper within yourself?
  • Remember your core values and why you and/or your organization or whatever exists.
  • Journal. Document the personal and professional changes that are you encountering. While your situation may be difficult right now, you will want to reflect on this part of your Journey at some point later in life.
  • Don’t be That Person. We all know That Person. This is the person who fights everyone and everything to keep things the same forever. Be a part of the solution.
  • If you are a Christian, remember that the Kingdom of God is NOW and not just when we die and go to Heaven. Worried about people going to Hell? Bring them hope, healing and a glimpse of Heaven RIGHT NOW here on Earth.

Best wishes as you navigate changes, friends. Stay focused on the Kingdom.