The Allure of Autumn

Autumn is here. It is official. That is what the calendar says and the news is reporting. And the news is always right! 😉

There is something about autumn that is alluring. Allure means “powerfully attractive or charming, or tempting”. This sure sounds like autumn. We so desperately wait for autumn every year. Maybe our souls need it—especially over the past two years. The summer time is a time of trying to squeeze in sports, vacations, and those overdue house projects. Autumn makes us slow down. There is less daylight and freedom in scheduling. We are almost FORCED to look around and look within.

Time slows; it may even feel like it passes. We see the trees showing their true colors of awesome shades of red, orange, and yellow. Decorating the house for the season feels like a breath of joy instead of a chore. People who are usually a “homebody” will suddenly venture out for Halloween or autumn-themed events. The idea of seeking beauty is suddenly in our faces.

We all need to seek and find beauty. Not Cover Girl beauty. But deep, refreshing beauty. What does this look like? Let me give you some examples:

  • Get outside. Do yourself (and your soul) a solid favor and get outside. Take a bike ride. Go for a walk. Find 3 different leaves that are full of color and God’s handiwork.
  • Practice the Sabbath. Pick a day of the week to rest. Before your Sabbath day, ask God how He would have you spend the day. Maybe you need a day alone or with others. Seek direction and then REST.
  • Thank A Friend. As you read these words, you are thinking of a few people. These people have been beautiful people to you. These friends may speak light into your darkness or their prayers for you have been hearty and plentiful. Thank God FOR THEM and then GO TELL THEM you are thankful for them.
  • Be creative. Painting, drawing, writing, cooking, and singing–these are all tangible ways that you can experience beauty. Get creative and then invite others into your spiritual practice of beauty.
  • Turn off the news. Take a break from the Media Matrix. I have never met a hopeful person who watched alot of news.

Seek beauty, friends. You will not be disappointed.

For the Kingdom,