Why A Comeback is TWO Parts

Everyone at one point will experience a comeback. It may be relational, professional, spiritual, financial, etc. Over the years, we will all experience this beautiful and disruptive event. This experience is a learning experience. What sets the stage for the comeback? A LOT of THINGS. Heartbreak, grief, trauma, loss, divorce, disappointment, death, bankruptcy —-these can all prepare you for a comeback.

Part #1: The Main Event–Denial is often associated with loss, grief, and trauma. As we are in the thick of our Main Event, we are grasping at every safety net possible. “If only I could……”. “I wish I could change……..”. We have all uttered these phrases. We cannot change the past. We cannot change other people. We cannot control the decisions that other people make for their lives or in reference to our lives. However, we can change how we respond. As The Main Event hits us, we start to feel out this event. Emotions hit us. Many emotions.

In The Main Event, this is when “all hell breaks loose”. Everything that was once “was” is no longer. Safety is replaced with uncertainty. Future plans are overshadowed by the darkness you are now swimming in. There is a lot of work to be done during this time. Not physical work but soul care. In the traumatic time of pain and suffering, our beliefs and faith are tested. Who are we trusting in this time? Why am I going through this?

During the dark time of your pain, be careful. Invite a few trusted people to walk with you. They need to help you walk and limp along. Make sure your core values line up to who you let walk with you. You will be like a sponge during The Main Event. This is when you are most vulnerable. And please, protect your heart! Don’t be throwing it all over the place. It is damaged enough. It will get stitched up soon.

Part #2: The Rebuild–This part of your comeback is the one that stretches what you believe you are capable of achieving. In The Rebuild, you have learned (hopefully) that God is into comebacks. God wants to heal your heart and renew your mind. This DOES NOT mean we will not have scars. When you are healed, you will have scars. Scars are a sign of God’s faithfulness during our time of healing. Scars are a reminder of God’s Story and our Story coming together as we love God and love others.

The Rebuild is probably harder than The Main Event. Why? In The Rebuild, you are laying the foundation for what life (with God and others) looks like moving forward. You are trying new things to establish your life. You are meeting new people and going new places. Your mind might be right and your heart might be stitched up but this part of your comeback makes you vulnerable. What if you get hurt? What if you fail?

Take your time and guard your heart. Set boundaries for yourself and who you let into your life. And what if you fail? Failure is not final. As we saw in Part #1, we can rise up from failure. We can learn. We can heal. We can rise. And as you are rebuilding, remember to do what someone did for you in Part #1…..

Extend a hand to someone else who is laying in the dirt with their open wounds. They need it. And you need to pass on the LOVE and HOPE of Jesus.