THANKSgiving is a Heart Issue

Thanksgiving is today and everyone is getting gearing up for the annual smorgasbord. Food will be consumed. Football will be on the TV. And holiday shoppers will begin their war room strategies for Black Friday.

I encourage you today to think about your blessings. All of them…..are from God. Here’s some ideas to help you cultivate a thankful heart–even beyond today’s holiday.

– Start a gratitude journal. Write down people and experiences that you are thankful for.

– Donate some of your unused stuff. This spiritual practice opens up your heart to joy (from giving) and to healing (trusting God).

– Be thankful for WHO is currently in your life. It’s easy to want to relive the “what ifs”. Focus on the rich relationships you have in the present.

– Put your money where your mouth is. How so? Tell the people that you love that you love them.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


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