Now What?

Welcome to my blog!  Many of you whom are reading this used to follow the writings and podcasts we produced as part of 4-C Ministries.  You may wonder why 4-C Ministries is no more and I have started this blog.

  • Simplify-By maintaining just this blog, I am able to write more often which is what I enjoy doing the most.  I did enjoy co-hosting podcasts with other guests on our podcast site; however, constantly recording and editing podcasts is a time drainer.  Less is more, friends!
  • Focus-I have contemplated doing more writing and possibly piecing together a book.  This blog will serve as a way for me to continue to write to encourage and empower you as you seek to be more like Jesus.
  • Accessibility-It is easier for people to follow a blog than a whole website.  Enough said!

My prayer is this: When you stumble across this blog either accidentally or on purpose; I pray that you leave here changed.  I pray that you wrestle with Jesus and that he reveals things to you that maybe you have not examined (your desires, interests, shortcomings).

                                  – J –

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