A Season of Change

The weather is changing.

Leaves are turning colors of bright red, burnt orange, and loud yellow.

You wear your favorite hoodie to battle cold, autumn mornings.

Your coffee cup contains flavors of pumpkin,caramel, or apple mixed into your coffee or tea.

Autumn is upon us.

This is a season of change.

As the seasons change, our bodies change.  We attempt to go to bed later in the evening due to darkness.  We also do not desire to wake up in the morning due to total darkness!  Mowing our lawns is less frequent but disposing of the avalanche of leaves has become our new priority.  Our lawn furniture goes into hibernation and our Halloween/fall decorations are hung with care.

Now is a  great time to evaluate our inner selves.  When I am talking about the inner self, I am talking about our hidden agendas, our pride, our fears.  So often, we approach Jesus with a half-hearted attempt.  We are tired from our jobs.  Stressed about relationships.  Concerned about our finances.  Don’t half-heart it with Jesus.

Some of us are recovering from spiritual abuse.  We have seen many horrible things done “in the name of God” by pastors or churches.  Whether these actions were on purpose or by accident, we look for some truth, some comfort, some PEACE.
NOW is the time for change.

When we seek change in Jesus, we ask for him to come into the dark place in our hearts and souls.  The dark place that shapes our hidden agendas and our arrogant moments.  The dark place that applauds us for being more concerned about looking Christian THAN being a Christian.  It is in the dark place that we stuff down EVERYTHING……our dreams and our desires.  We wander through life, through the motions, not really concerned about what we may produce.  We are living…just to get by.
Friends, Jesus does not want you to JUST GET BY.  He wants you to experience freedom from the things that hold you captive.  Jesus wants you to succeed at work, in your marriage and parenting, and in living out God’s plan for your life.  Who wants to be bored and just live each day for a paycheck and lose their dreams in the process?  This is not a wealth and prosperity gospel that I am bringing to you.  That gospel is weak–it just teaches that you pray quick, get rich quick, and that’s it!  BAM!  No, no, no.  The gospel I am telling you about is far bigger than that.  You will encounter trials and tribulations when you follow Jesus.  You will walk through darkness to get to the light.  But Jesus grants you…..peace.

Peace is not easily obtained.  We live in a fast-paced world.  Just go post on Facebook and see how fast “news” flies around.  We work more work hours now (paid or unpaid) than previous generations have.  We have much going on and it seems like time is flying us by.

Desire some change and some peace?

Pray–Ask Jesus to enter into the dark places and show you where you need to change.  When praying, also ask him if you are putting off any dreams or desires that you have smothered years ago. Remember that healing takes time.  Invite some people you trust to journey with you.

Look at your calendar–Look at where you are spending your time, energy, and finances.  If you volunteer, remember there is a difference between service and slavery.  Doing good things does not always fair well if you are doing them for the wrong reasons.

Mix it up–Maybe your routines need adjusted.  Try a new ministry at your church.  Read a new book or stop reading…..and attempt art or writing.  Allow your creativity to speak through you as you seek NEW.

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