Jesus is Bigger Than the Government

We are only a few days removed from the Presidential Election.  Many are celebrating their candidate’s win; others are upset over the results.  I will not lie–I am not happy with the results.  But I have faith.  I have faith because Jesus is bigger than the government.

When you take a look at Scripture, Jesus is consistently talking about the Kingdom of God.  Jesus is not concerned with getting all political because Jesus knows that the Kingdom he speaks of it out of this world.  Many people expecting the Messiah (Jesus) to come onto the scene and overthrow the government.  Jesus mixed things up a bit.  Sometimes Jesus would work behind the scenes and do God’s work.  In other situations, Jesus would go right to leaders (political and religious) and give them the truth.

Jesus did what was needed–not what was popular.  He did not worry about what people thought of him.  Jesus could have played the political game and rode his way around Jerusalem like a king.  But Jesus had other plans.  He knew what was needed.  He picked average people to carry out an extraordinary mission: restore humanity.  Restoring humanity would take Jesus through the wilderness, ignoring Satan, getting sold out by his own followers, and getting nailed to the cross as a criminal.

Jesus was different.

And this is why Jesus is bigger than the government—regardless of whether our President is Republican or Democrat.

Jesus wants to restore people’s hearts.  Jesus desires to give each of us a purpose in life.  We are not here by accident and we should not spend the rest of our lives taking up space.  We must move forward.

Jesus is bigger than the government because he brings authentic hope and change.  The government deals with laws.  Jesus deals with the heart, mind, and soul.  The government promises provisions for all people.  Jesus promises peace that no government, person, and society could deliver.

Jesus is bigger than the government.

Where do you put your hope these days?

How and Why to Vote…….

ImageMany of you reading this blog are watching the debate tonight between our current president (Obama) and Mitt Romney (possible future President).

I am writing this blog because I want to give you a fresh perspective on the Election.  FRESH.  This is not a campaign ad and I am not even putting whom I am voting for on this blog.  Not necessary at this time.

Here’s some ideas on HOW to vote:

  • Research the candidates.  Find out what policies they have passed and where they are headed in the future.
  • Chat with a few people you trust.  By people you trust, I am not referring to popular talk radio hosts. 
  • Take a look at your own beliefs, dreams, and values.  Do your morals line up with a particular candidate?  Are there certain dreams that you have that may happen (or be hindered) if a particular President takes office?
  • Pray.  It sounds simple enough but hear me out.  We live in a very tough economy.  People are desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures.  People are desperate and they will make dumb decisions.  Make a smart decision and pray.

Ideas on WHY to vote:

  • It is your duty.  As an American citizen you need to vote.  If you do not vote, then you really do not have a say in the direction of our country.  I know some will say “but I pay taxes”.  While this is true, voting is ESSENTIAL because the President has a say in where your hard earned money goes!
  • You are blessed.  In some countries, they are ruled by dictators.  They would love to be able to pick their ruler.  Exercise your right to who runs our country.