Ending the Year Strong: Take Notes

Some people love taking notes. They take notes at church, at work, and in life lessons learned. And then there is everyone else. These are the folks that only take notes because they “have to”. Which crowd do you belong to? There is no wrong answer! As the year winds down, I will be focusing on a series of blogs on Ending the Year Strong. Maybe your year was great and it was far better than you imagined 2022 would be. Perhaps 2022 was a dumpster fire for you and you are cautious about 2023 and praying for Jesus to return. I encourage you to take some notes today.

We will take inventory in several areas of our lives and how we fared in 2022. This is not a performance tracking tool. In fact, our review of the year is more of a reflection….

  • Spiritual: What did you learn about God this year? If you had a theme for the year, now is the time to establish one (my post from a year ago) for the New Year. Take note of what spiritual practices worked (and didn’t) this year. Maybe you need to pray more or perhaps you need to serve on less committees and feed your soul more.
  • Financial/Career: Check your bank account and your budget. This will tell you where your priorities were for 2022. Do you need to make more money, eliminate debt, or both? On the flip side, what keeps you at the job you are at? If you are only at your job for the cash, you are slowly killing your soul.
  • Emotional/Mental: How is your mental health? Everyone handles their mental health differently and know that there are many tools out there if you need them.
  • Relational: Evaluate your love life/friendships. Do you like where these are and are they healthy or toxic? Are YOU healthy or toxic to others? Check your heart from this past year and if it needs more healing.
  • Physical: How did you take care of your body this year? Find an exercise regimen that works for you. Even a daily walk will be good for you mentally and physically.

This post is just a sample of how we will tackle Ending the Year Strong. Stay tuned, friends!

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