Your Soul and Autumn

Autumn is ALMOST here. Almost. However, the PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) lovers have been rushing this season since August. As I type this, I am seated at a cafe’ that has about 10 Autumn-themed drinks on their menu. Slow up!

While I joke about the early entry of Autumn flavors, we would benefit from looking at the importance of Autumn and what it does for our soul. Summer is a time where kids are off of school; however, most people go non-stop during the summer. We cram in that vacation we never took and try to make up for all of the time we spent at work all year-long. And we limp to the finish line of the summer known as Labor Day.

Autumn should slow you down. It needs to and you need it to. Why is this? There is a natural transition between seasons. Summer is time to sow and Autumn is a time to reap. It is time to enjoy the harvest. It is a time to slow down and get outside. Summer is usually a time of busyness outside –AKA yardwork, home renovations, etc. Autumn gives us less daylight but provides us with so much more: fall foliage, bonfires, cooler temperatures, and a rhythm that is sorely needed.

Autumn slows us down. Take a moment to ponder this question: do you enjoy the pace of life that you are living at right now? Is this pace of life sustainable or is it going to lead you to burnout? Even though Autumn does not officially begin until September 22, here are some suggestions on preparing for the transition to Autumn.

  • Take notes in a journal or a Notes app on your phone. Document how you are feeling as Summer has ended. For most people, the start of Autumn is a busier time of the year with work and family obligations. Be honest and patient with yourself as you write.
  • Plan for some fun during the new season. Do something that involves being outside.
  • Do one hard thing. Clean out that room you have avoided for 5 years. Make the phone call. Write the letter. Visit the cemetery. Say “I love you”. Whatever it is, take a risk.
  • Take daily walks. Unless the weather is terrible, go for daily walks. This is the time to admire God’s beautiful artwork known as fall foliage. Take pictures or draw what you see.

I pray that your transition to Autumn is one that is beautifully disruptive–a movement that awakens your soul.

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