Open/What-Is-Spiritual DIRECTION ? ! ?

Be open.

Be open to growth his year, 2013.

Set some goals.  Eat better. Get more sleep.  Etc, etc, etc.

What about this………Spiritual Direction.  It sounds cliche.  People are engaged in “spiritual direction” all of the time.  Church on Sundays.  Small group during the week.  Listen to some Christian music while driving to work in your car.

The spiritual direction that I am referring to is one-on-one.

You must understand this: large group spiritual direction is great but it is easy to hide in the crowd on Sunday morning at church.  It is easy to say “I am fine” while enrolled in a small group.  However, one-on-one spiritual direction is just that–one-on-one.  One-on-one spiritual direction can engage the soul of a person in ways that a corporate setting cannot.

Do you have someone who guides you in spiritual direction?  A friend?  Pastor?  Trusted professional?

I have some people that I go to for spiritual direction.  I try to get together with them monthly because consistency is key.  We will be honest before God and they will speak into all areas of my life.  It makes me vulnerable to change—and change is needed for those of us desiring to be like Jesus daily.  Let me emphasize this: spiritual direction can be intimidating and revealing.  Whoever is speaking INTO your life and peering into your heart–they have great power.  Be careful whom you go to for spiritual direction.  Since spiritual direction is revealing–make sure you trust the person.  You do not want your business all over Facebook.

Let me give you some reasons why one-on-one spiritual direction is needed for EVERY CHRISTIAN:

—–Direction: When you are meeting with someone consistently (weekly, bi weekly, or monthly); it provides you with direction.  The person aiding you can probe your intentions, help you with your struggles, and map out your goals with you.

—-Consistency: People are more successful when they are journeying with others.  Accountability equals growth.

—-Creativity:  Meeting with someone else in spiritual direction may bring out your creative side.  Maybe a talent or idea will come to light due to meeting with someone and allowing them to see your true colors.

—-Growth: In order to grow, sometimes we need others to guide us.  This is normal.  We all need someone to guide us.

Need spiritual direction?  Contact me.   I am willing to work out a rate with you and a plan with you.

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