A New Year, So What??

Today is the last day of 2012.

Today, everyone will make New Years’ resolutions and will break them by January 2.

A New Year, so what?

Theme. What is your theme for 2013?

First, you are wondering how and why you should create a theme for 2013.   A theme is different than a resolution.  A resolution is often something that is broken in a short amount of time.  A resolution is focused on the short term.  A theme will give you focus for the entire year.  A resolution is something that we put little thought into because it is obvious.  A theme is something that shapes the whole year and is sometimes something that is only revealed through prayer.

How does one develop a theme for 2013?

Pray: Ask God to show you  an area of your life that you need to focus on for the next year.  Seek a broader topic (relationships/finances/health) first.

Dig: After God has shown you the topic, ask God for the specifics.  Whom will aide you on your journey?  Whom will hinder your progress?  God will begin to fill in the details.

Apply: Plan out how you will live out this theme on a daily basis.  It may change how you manage your time or it may change how you spend your time.  Perhaps your theme for 2013 will impact how much (or little) you involve yourself with the news or social media.

A theme for 2013 is important because it will shape your WHOLE year.  It is vital that you have a theme for yourself (as an individual) and as a family.  It is good for you to grow as a person and equally important that your family have a theme and focus for the year.  Imagine what families would look like if they had a focus for the year.  Sadly, too many people (including families) pass through life and go through the motions without having a theme or focus.

Remember, if we aim for nothing–we get exactly that–nothing.

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