Reflections on Advent-Out of this World “Peace”

Greetings friends.

We are in the third week of Advent.  This week’s theme is Peace.  I am a little behind in my writings but it is still the third week until tomorrow (Sunday).

Peace is something all of us desire but few of us find in today’s culture.  Our culture says, “more is better”.  The more gifts you give at Christmas; the more giving of a person you are.  The more apps on your iPhone, you are much cooler than your peers.  The more hours you work at work, then you must be really productive.  And my favorite one, the more you are at church during Advent/Christmas; the holier you are!! (Note: Can you sense my tone of sarcasm in the above paragraph?)

It is disruptive today to say “no”.

I am not implying that we be Grinches at Christmas.  I am not against gifts.  Or going to church.  Or iPhones.  We have an iPod and iPad in this home.  What I am against is the busyness that has become Christmas.  Just because someone may attend every special church event during this season does not mean they are benefitting from it.  Attendance does not always equate to spiritual fruit.  And doing all kinds of “Christmas things” does not equate to being close to Jesus.  However, if you are a Christian, your Christmas should look different than someone who does not know Jesus.  You should have peace and not chaos.

Peace.  Ah, where do we find it this time of year?

In Jesus.

Yet another Sunday School answer.  Yet…so….true.

If we are desiring out of this world peace, we must look to the Prince of Peace.  Peace this is of this world is temporary peace.  Temporary peace is when your children take an extra long afternoon nap.  Temporary peace is sometimes bought at the local spa or coffee shoppe.  “AHHH….this is the life”.

Out of this world peace (from Jesus)– focuses on the big picture.  Out of this world peace says “I will not lose my sanity this holiday season because I know the real reason for the Season”.  Out of this world peace says “I do not need to keep up with the Joneses to feel like I am somebody important”.  Jesus gives peace and life.

Find peace this season in not what you will do…but in how you will be…..finding peace……in the Prince of Peace.

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