Reflections on Advent-Love and Tragedy

We have entered into the second week of Advent.

Christmas is two weeks away.  People are mapping out their game plans for Christmas Day.

This week.  We focus on the love of Jesus.  Christmas season tends to have us focus on nice, clean, handsome baby Jesus.  Think about the Christmas musicals you have attended.  Was Jesus dirty, crying, or worse yet…ugly?  No.  Never.  That baby Jesus on that stage was SPOTLESS!

Ponder this: Jesus was both human and divine.  As a baby, we was born in a stinky stable.  He probably needed his diapers changed like everyone else.  He was divine in that he would conquer sin,  defeat Satan, and entrust His Kingdom to US

Jesus got dirty.  In his love, he gets dirty.

During this week of Advent—with a focus on love, we must invite Jesus into our sins.  We must invite Jesus into the places within us that need us the most.

Yesterday, our country experienced a horrible tragedy.  Many innocent children were gunned down by a madman while simply going about their day at an elementary school.

I know people have a lot of questions about God in this tragedy.  Allow me to provide you with some insight…..

WHERE WAS GOD?  Friends, God was right there.  God never leaves us despite the times we chose to ignore Him.  God was there in that moment.  Heroes (teaches and staff) shielded the children from danger.  Casualties would have been higher if these heroes did not step up.  God was there.

WELL, THIS IS ABOUT GUNS!! IF WE TAKE AWAY GUNS–PEOPLE WILL BE BETTER BEHAVED!—–This was not about guns.  This about the daily battle of good and evil.  Holy and unholy.  This shooter who took innocent lives—he CHOSE to do evil.  It is called free will.  We have the ability to choose to do good or harm everyday.  Some people choose to use words.  Other people use weapons.  Some people use their authority to bring pain and sorrow.

HOW WILL WE MOVE FORWARD?  In love and in relationship with Jesus.  Sounds like a Sunday school answer, yes.  But where else will we find hope and love?  The media?  They have a job to do.  Our possessions and jobs?  These only bring temporary joy.  Other people?  They will give us peace but people will let us down.  They are human!  This is where Jesus comes in.  He wants to walk with us daily.  But we must first choose to love him AND allow him to love us.

Allow Jesus to love you today.  Right now.

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