A Letter From a Pastor: Why I Don’t Post About Politics

Politics is a messy world, is it not? Blue versus Red. Democrat Versus Republican. Dumbocrats Versus Repugs (I see y’all posting this! Jesus is watching you!). Conservative VS. Liberal. Right VS. Left. And then my favorite one (sarcasm intended): The biblical Vs. the unbiblical.

I am writing from the perspective of a pastor–and a concerned one. I moved to my current location during a very heated and controversial Presidential Election. People would love to ask where I stand on stuff and I usually would have half-hearted answers. I have had people tell me that I “need to pick a side.” Pick a side? Okay, well even if I have picked a “side”, they both are very flawed because there are humans being involved.

The following reasons are why I do not endorse political sides and/or candidates online:

  1. It takes the focus off of Jesus. While this may sound like a Sunday School answer, I believe that too many pastors have been in bed with politics in the form of publicly endorsing people from their pulpits and social media platforms. At a time where people are spiritually starving, we are too focused on our “side” winning. I never saw Jesus getting into politics. I want to be so Kingdom-focused that my trust is fully in Jesus and not in this world or who is living at the White House.
  2. It confuses people. As a pastor, I am aware that people follow me online. Some like seeing pics of my kids and some are looking for me to say something about something/anything. When us clergy start pushing a candidate or a way of politics, it confuses people. They see pastors down the street voting different ways and want to know what Bible we are reading. People are confused enough and this leads me to my next point.
  3. It divides. I usually don’t even discuss politics with most people because it divides. When we talk politics, we usually want to be right. Then we try to back it up with Scripture and this usually leads to a mess because the person quoting Scripture misinterpreted the text JUST TO WIN AN ARGUMENT. I want Christians to get over themselves and be united in Jesus.

I hope this letter finds you well. In the next blog, I will write about ways for the church to address mental health amongst its members and the community. Take care!!

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