When Church is Not Enough

Another one bites the dust.  Another Sunday that is.

Many people view Sunday as a day of church, etc.  A day of “church”.   Because church is an event to some people.  Similar to going to a sporting event.  Sit back……see the main event (preaching or music)…..give your feedback (giving money or yelling “amen”)…..then you leave promptly when the show is over.

I can feel the rage of many of my readers already.  🙂

Hey, I like church.  I like attending. Don’t get me wrong.  However, I am not a fan of what we have been expecting these days from going to church.  Many people view church as the sole requirement for Christianity these days.  Get Jesus to punch your time card on Sundays…and then you are good for the week.

Church attendance is not enough.

This is not a blog on guilt; guilt for you to be the do-all, be-all Jesus follower.

Church (in general) is not enough—-because we are called TO BE THE CHURCH: the hands and feet of Jesus.  We are called to be in the presence of Jesus in all places throughout the week.  Jesus is not confined to just your church or my church.  You see…Jesus is MUCH bigger than that.   Satan could not hold Jesus back from accomplishing his mission either in the past or the present.

Attending church may be vital—but it is not the most essential thing to Christianity.  The most important element is a relationship with Jesus.  It is still important to get involved in community within Christianity; this is why people go to church, small groups, fellowships, etc.  We get taught within the context of community.  We get encouraged and receive life within the Christian community.  If you ARE NOT receiving life within your faith community, I challenge you with the following questions:

1.  Why do I REALLY go to this church?

2. What hurts my faith by being a part of this faith community?

I ask you these questions not so you can hate the Church or have a massive exodus from our churches; I ask these questions because I know so many people who feel stuck at their churches.  They feel guilty for staying (for whatever reason) and they want to leave however they refuse to leave.  They are scared.  Scared of what?  Scared of what people may think?  Scared of Jesus?  Yes, I am pretty sure Jesus would want you to be spiritually nourished at your church INSTEAD of scared and starving within your soul.

I will go the opposite route now………

If you ARE receiving life within your faith community, I challenge you with the following questions:

1. What draws you to this church?

2. How can you use the ministries of this church to help others?

Friends, it’s about Jesus.  Simply that.

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